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We are the leading provider of Human Resource, Payroll, Labour Law, Compliance and Audit Management Solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We understand that every business is different and that's why we offer tailored solutions to meet your individual needs. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to helping you streamline your processes and ensure compliance with all applicable laws. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing efficient and cost-effective solutions that can help you maximize productivity and profitability.

Labor Consultant

Our Most Popular Services

Trusted and opted for by our clients across India

Staffing Solutions

The use of staffing solutions can help businesses save time and resources on recruiting & hiring employees. We provide access to a wider pool of candidates and may have expertise in specific industries or job functions.


We also provide contractual/ temporary staffing solutions which can help businesses manage fluctuations in demand or project-based work without the commitment and costs of hiring permanent staff.

Human Resource Management

We assist our clients in all main functions of HRM such as to attract and retain qualified employees, recruitment and selection from developing job descriptions, identifying suitable candidates and conducting interviews.


We also assist  our clients to maintain positive employee relations by developing and implementing policies and procedures that promote a healthy work environment. This includes managing employee grievances, addressing employee concerns, and facilitating communication between management and employees.

Payroll Management

Payroll management is not just computing Employee salaries & employee benefits as per their CTC, but involves efficient, accurate & timely management of variable data components, viz. applicable allowances, IT deductions, Leave, ESIC & PF Contributions, reimbursements of allowable expenses, LTA, Overtime, Performance Incentives, Bonus, etc., scrutiny of supporting bills & documents, to minimize contentious issues and enhance employee confidence.

Labour Compliance Consultation

During Labour Compliance consultation, we help the client to ensure that it is in compliance with all relevant labor laws and regulations, while also minimizing risks and protecting the company's reputation.

We conduct internal audits and assessments of our client's employment practices and policies to identify areas of non-compliance with labor laws and regulations.


Based on the findings of the audit, we develop a compliance strategy for the company to ensure that it is in compliance with all relevant labor laws and regulations.

Compliance Audits

Since the ultimate responsibility is vested in the Principal Employer, Nexusaide provides a comprehensive audit report enlisting its observations and recommendations.


We undertake assignments for conducting Labour Law Statutory Compliance Audits for the corporate like Pre-Audit, Monthly Audit, Quarterly, Half-yearly, and Annual Audit for Principal Employer and for the various vendors / Contractors available / working under the Principal Employer / premises of the Principal Employer.

Our Areas of Expertise

Business We Can Help

We expertise in providing business services, solutions and consultation based on best practices and industry standards to the following sectors:

Start-Ups & SMEs

We can be a valuable resource for start-ups/ SMEs, helping them to navigate the complex world of labour laws and regulations, develop policies and procedures that are in line with best practices, and manage employee relations in a fair and legally compliant manner.

Commercial Establishments

We can advise commercial establishments on the relevant employment laws and regulations to ensure that the business is compliant with all legal requirements. This can help the establishment avoid costly penalties or legal disputes.

Manufacturing Industries

We can provide manufacturing units with a range of services that help them manage their workforce more effectively, ensure compliance with labour laws and regulations, and promote a positive work environment.

What Makes Us Different?

Our unique selling proposition(s) (USP) are what sets us apart from other companies in our industry. What makes us different :

Office Workspace

Services and Solutions

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We take the time to understand each client's unique needs and develop tailored solutions that are specific to their business.

Chart analysis


We are focused on delivering measurable results for our clients. We set clear goals and metrics for every project, and we work tirelessly to ensure that we achieve those goals.


Qualified & trained

Our team is made up of qualified professionals with a wide range of skills and expertise, ensuring that every client receives the attention and resources it deserves.

Customer Service & Support

We prioritize communication and transparency, keeping our clients informed every step of the way and providing regular updates and progress reports.

Business Consultation

We believe in 
Our Client's Success.

We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients and becoming a trusted partner in their success.

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Affordable & 
Competitive pricing

Our pricing model is transparent and flexible, so clients only pay for what they need and can adjust their services as their business evolves.


Mr. Sandeep Kapoor

Corporate HR

"The Labour Compliance audits of our associate business partners/vendors at our project sites across india is a tremendous task. Nexusaide has always, consistently & sucessfully delivered solutions and have met our expectations over the years. Their timely value added contributions permit diverse organization like ours to focus on core business areas that helps us build a competitive advantage in the market place."

Mr. Satbir Singh



"Team Nexusaide is always responsive to any queries we have, they keep us informed and they understand who we are and what we’re trying to do. Precision and Quality is always there. Top of the game in terms of Payroll & Labour Compliance Consultants.
They are our partner with expertise in Payrolls and Labour Compliance."

Mr. R Venkatraman


"We had a great experience working with Nexusaide! Our projects were spanned Pan India and as the compliance structure differs state to state, made them a bit more complicated than they expected. Yet, team Nexusaide stuck with it and delivered a professional result. I will, and am planning to continue working with them. Thanks for the good work."
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